“Schemmer Consulting Group, PLLC was created as a company offering a maturing of the concepts developed in its early years as Schemmer Engineering Inc. By its creation it then embraced the concept of being an employee owned company and away from a single owner concept.

In this way we advance the experience gained in those earlier years, and by so doing offer to our clientele the benefits and commitment to excellence that they have come to expect.

To this end we offer expertise in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Planning Services, Home Design encompassing those elements sought by property owners, public and private agencies, developers and the general public, and Survey Services covering the many aspects of the surveying profession from land development and residential lot surveys, to topographic and construction layout surveys.”


Marine Engineering such as designs to arrest beach erosion, docks and piers, retaining structures, storm damage remediation, and a whole host of other works.

We regularly provide a variety services to those having needs on the many Islands in the San Juan waterways. Land development to include erosion control, grading design, utility design including sanitary sewer and storm sewer, paving design, erosion control design, and many other elements typically found in the development and protection of land and water. Services relating to construction observation and contract administration. We set as an objective the importance of working professionally and cooperatively with all participants in the build process, while at the same time keeping our obligations to our client timely and professional.


Schemmer Consulting Group has long demonstrated a structural expertise in a variety of building requirements.

We provide timely services to those building residences and to those constructing commercial buildings. Our experience in developing special solutions for those having an industrial need is well recognized, and services relating to marine structures is a specialty.


Our work in permitting and in code compliance caries a special commitment as a project travels that sometimes circuitous path from concept to completion.

We commit to staying the course in assisting you in moving to approval. Land use planning is a special area of our experience, an item of service that so directly influences the profitability of what it is you seek. We seek to maintain a sensitivity to the environment in our planning while seeking the balance needed if the project is to satisfy your needs.


SCGENG home design department is a creative outflow of our clients dreams coming to reality. SCGENG is happy for this branch in the company that can give the client style and security in the integrety of the design.

Our home designer has been building homes for the past 40 years. Specializes in 3 dimensional architectural design and provides a tremendous resourse to the design team. Giving you the ability to visualize and check your design in AutoCad to identify and resolve issues prior to construction. Working closely with Jt Schemmer to provide a structurally sound, creative, functional project. Our home designer is a vital member of our civil team providing insight into site planning and construction.


In offering this service we commit to the accuracy so needed as buying and building decisions are made.

We utilize equipment that allows for a timely response, and when coupled with our engineering capabilities helps move your project or task forward with dispatch.